The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu UK Council (BJJ UKC) was set up to help those who are involved with or practice BJJ. Whether you are an Academy Professor, competitor, student, coach or volunteer the BJJ UKC should be able to offer you help and guidance. The BJJ UKC can provide;

  1. An excellent insurance package for Academies or individual students.
  2. Excellent insurance packages for individual tournaments and events.
  3. Advice and help regards the setting up and running of tournaments, seminars and events.
  4. The opportunity to network and make contact with Academies, coaches competitors and students within the international BJJ community.
  5. Help and advice regards Grades and Grading systems.
  6. Free DBS checks for coaches and key volunteers.
  7. Help and advice regards Academy development support.
  8. Links to County Sports Partnerships.
  9. Access to great tournaments, seminars and events.

The BJJ UKC is here to help BJJ develop and evolve. The focus of the BJJ UKC is therefore the Academies, students and volunteers so essential to the growth of BJJ. What we offer are a range of services tailored to help Academies, students and volunteers grow and develop.

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Two types of Membership

You can become a member of the BJJ UK Council through the Academy that you train with or as an individual.

When an Academy joins the BJJ UKC the Professor of the Academy signs the Academy up and each member of that Academy will receive a membership card to the BJJ UKC. It is entirely at the discretion of the Academy Professor whether the Academy takes insurance out through the BJJ UKC.

You have to be a member of an Academy registered with the BJJ UKC to become an Individual Member.

If you would like to join as an individual, you can become a member of the Ray Stevens BJJ Academy and you will receive your Membership Card and be insured under the Ray Stevens Academy.


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For Individual Membership
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